Liste des produits par marque Friedrich Bosch GmbH & Co. KG

F. Bosch, founded 1924, is a long term experienced company in developing and manufacturing diagnostic instruments especially sphygmomanometers and accessories. The production and sales range contains all necessary equipment that is daily used in hospitals, ambulance, surgery and health centres.

The combination of long year experience, tradition and innovation in technique and design make F. Bosch products famous all over the world. The brand F. Bosch is guarantee for high quality products for the many years of production and assures CE certified premium quality healthcare products for professional use.

F. Bosch high quality products are sold all over the world with increasing tendency, which is the result of an ideal combination of steadfast technology applying, exceptional quality and excellent customer service.


F. Bosch is the trademark of Friedrich Bosch GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of medical equipment that is well-known and estimated all over the world

F. Bosch is manufacturer of professional diagnostic healthcare products for hospital, surgery, emergency and domestic use.

F. Bosch is the guarantee for first-class quality of all products bearing this trademark.

F. Bosch has employees, who serve your interests with the goal of long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Tensiomètre manopoire PRAKTICUS F. Bosch Tensiomètre manopoire PRAKTICUS F. Bosch
Tensiomètre à aiguille

Tensiomètre manopoire PRAKTICUS F. Bosch

Friedrich Bosch GmbH & Co. KG
89,00 €
Tensiomètre manopoire bosch Grand cadran trés visible 1 tube. Décompression contrôlée par robinet Brassard adulte auto-agrippant Différentes couleurs disponibles: noir, bleu, rouge, vert, jaune, bordeaux et orange.
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